5 Tips for Choosing a Coat for your Dog

Doggy jackets come in as many different materials as human jackets do. They can be fleece, windbreakers, wool or even down filled.

Cockapoo wearing a jacket while sitting in the snow.
Choosing the best coat for your dog.

The weather is getting colder and your dog is not enjoying your walks as much as he used to. It may be time to consider getting a nice warm jacket to make his time outdoors enjoyable again. You could just grab the first one you see, but I have learned through my own experiences as well as those of my clients, that there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right jacket. Here are 5 tips for choosing a coat for your dog:

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1) Size

It is important to be sure that the jacket extends from the back of the neck to the tail and fits comfortably around the neck, chest and stomach area. If the jacket is too short it will not stay in place when the dog moves and will allow for an updraft across the back area. Ensure that there is enough room for your pup to move his legs freely when the jacket is done up without having it so loose that the jacket moves around.

2) Style

Although many jackets and sweaters are adorable, they may not suit your dog’s needs at this time. If you have a puppy that is still being trained, you may not want to get a style that you have to put his legs through the sleeves. This is very time consuming and could cause an unfortunate accident to happen. Many dogs don’t enjoy having something put over their heads. You may want to test this on your dog before purchasing this style.

3) Fasteners

Velcro is probably the most popular method of fastening a dog jacket. This is because even the most docile doggo doesn’t want to wait around while you do up buttons and zippers when he could be outside playing. Velcro is quick and easy and is very effective for sizing the jacket. It allows the coat to be adjustable and accommodate your pup’s individual needs. Because it stays in place and rarely comes undone, it is a reliable choice for keeping warm. Another relatively fast method of fastening is snaps. If the jacket has snaps and offers a few sizing choices to conform to your dog’s body size, it is a good choice.

4) Straps

Too many straps or straps that you need an engineering degree to sort out and attach together, will cause your doggo to lose his patience. The fastest and easiest jackets have two straps to do up. One comes around the front of the chest, below the chin; the second goes under the body and does up on one side only. A longer section under the belly means more warmth.

5) Material

Doggy jackets come in as many different materials as human jackets do. They can be fleece, windbreakers, wool or even down filled. Generally, a smaller, thinner or short haired dog will require a warmer fabric. If you have a larger, thick furred breed you may not want to go too heavy as the heat will be a source of discomfort for him.

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