The Best Dog Toys for Strong Chewers

My dog loves to chew. He loves to find the weakest part of a toy, rip the seam and take all of the stuffing out. I am excited when a toy lasts more than three days. Finding long lasting dog toys for strong chewers is not an easy task.

Dogs love to chew. Some have a very strong chew reflex and will go through a plush toy in no time. Finding long lasting dog toys for strong chewers is not an easy task

My dog loves to chew. He loves to find the weakest part of a toy, rip the seam and take all of the stuffing out.  I am excited when a toy lasts more than three days.  Besides being expensive, this habit can be concerning as he tends to swallow the stuffing.  I am always afraid he will choke or develop some kind of intestinal blockage.  In the two years since I adopted Zorro I have found some of the best dog toys for strong chewers.  Some have even lasted the entire two years!

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I have put together a list of some of the most durable toys that I have found for dogs that love to chew and destroy!

NOTE: Regardless of the durability of any toy, it it always advised to watch your dog when he is playing with any toy.

Kong Classic Dog Toy

As many of you know, the Kong Classic will withstand the strongest of teeth.  It can be used for interactive play such as a rousing game of fetch, a self-entertaining chew toy when left alone, or you can add treat to the center to make a brain exercising puzzle that will keep your pup busy for quite a while.

They come in various sizes so mouths of every age, shape and size can enjoy.  They even have a specific size and texture suitable for senior dogs or teething puppies. Be sure to choose the most size appropriate Kong for your dog.

Extreme Ball

Kong offers a ball that is great for playing or chewing.  Because it is actually round, as opposed to the classic toy, it rolls well and allows your dog to play a more traditional game of fetch. It provides a great opportunity for keeping that busy jaw entertained.  My dog will go through a tennis ball in a matter of minutes, but the Extreme Ball will keep him working for hours and still stand strong!

Puppy Binkie

Got a teething puppy?  Kong has an answer for that as well.  The Puppy Binkie is a helpful training tool as well as a fun way to keep your puppy busy.  A teething puppy can (and will) find anything in your house to chew on.  I am sure many of you have experienced the chewed shoe when you were getting dressed or a few tooth prints on the edge of your coffee table or base boards.  Having this teething toy as a resource will help your puppy an save your home at the same time.  It also has a space for hiding treats so that your puppy can spend time solving puzzles and  stimulating her brain.

Kong Wubba

I actually discovered this toy through one of my clients.  They have two Shetland Sheep dogs.  One is a senior and the other is 3 years old.  Both dogs love to play, and fetch is the game of choice.  I would visit three times daily and play fetch for 30 minutes with these two and their Wubba.  They would race each other, chew it until it squeaked, wrestle to get the toy away from each other and bring it back.  11 months later, when I returned to work for this family for another week, this same Wubba was there, front and center in their toy room.  It was well worn, but still completely intact.  I was impressed.

Kong Goodie Bone

This is a great alternative to giving your dog a bone.  As bones can cause damage to your dog’s teeth or intestinal blockage and tears, choosing a strong chewing alternative is the best option.  The Kong bone is shaped like a regular bone, allowing the dog to manipulate it in the same way she would a natural bone.  The ability to add treats to the centers offers a the flavored bonus of a natural bone as well.

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Durable Dog Bone

This bone shaped toy is firm and extremely durable.  It provides the opportunity for the same chewing action as a bone, so your dog will apply her natural chewing instincts.  My dog has been chewing on this bone for over a year and there are only a few minor tooth marks in it.  Although I have never used it in this manner, the company claims it floats. Should you be planning a day at the beach it is best to play with a toy that does not hold water.  In a salt water environment this is a great way for your dog to play while avoiding ingesting salt water, which can cause serious illness.

Dog Rope Toy

A strong, thick rope toy with large, firm knots will provide your dog with plenty of chew time.  I always choose the ropes without fringe so that he cannot pull the threads out. You can play fetch, hide and seek, or tug of war with your pup.  This rope is extremely durable.  We have two; one long one and one about 8 inches long. We have had both for almost 2 years.  Zorro loves to play with it.  He flings in in the air and chases it all by himself.  Other times, he just holds it with his front paws and gnaws on it until he uses up all of his chewing energy. 

K9 Tough Guard Elephant

There are a number of K9 Tough Guard Plush Toys available, and I can only conclude that they are all as durable as the elephant. My dog has had his little purple friend for about 14 months now and, although it is quite tattered, this is the first squeaky toy (called a “Squiggen” in our house) that has ever lasted more than a week. He plays with it daily. It is the toy he brings to the door when we return from work.  He squeaks in routinely and often sits quietly chewing on it. It is the most durable plush toy he has ever had.

Finding long lasting dog toys for strong chewers is not an easy task.  The Kong name is well established as one of the best for chew toys, but there are still some surprising little gems to be found out there.  If you have any recommendations for durable dog toys, please add them in the comment section. My doggo would love to try something new!

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