Why It’s Difficult to Breed English Bulldogs

Although breeding English Bulldogs can be limiting and costly, there are many dedicated, qualified breeders who take the responsibility of safely carrying on the breed very seriously.  If you would like to find a good breeder, be sure to do your homework to ensure the heath and safety of all females and their puppies.

I recently spoke with an English Bulldog owner who mentioned that he had encountered a lot of difficulty when trying to find a breeder.  Initially, I thought that he meant that all the pups were spoken for, but he went on to explain that breeders were rare because the process was difficult.  Not wanting to take up too much of his time, I made a note to do some research as to why it’s difficult to breed English Bulldogs.  I was surprised to learn of all the challenges that were involved in the breeding process.

I am neither a veterinarian nor a medical professional. The information in this article has been researched and sourced at the end of the post if required. All safety and medical issues or questions regarding your pet’s health or symptoms should always be brought to the attention of your veterinarian for clarification, assessment, advice and treatment.

Learn the Dogs’ Medical History Before Breeding

When planning to breed any dogs, it is important to get a medical background check from both parents to be sure that there are no genetic issues that could be passed down to the pups.  It is also imperative that the female only be bred a certain number of time and with appropriate recovery time between litters.

Testing for health issues is the first financial investment for the breeder. For the health of the parents and the puppies, a breeder wants to rule out any potential illnesses, genetic disorders or physical abnormalities.  Common medical concerns found in English Bulldogs are:

  • Respiratory (Brachycephalic Syndrome)
  • Lung issues
  • Cardiovascular concerns
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Various eye health and vision issues

Brachycephalic Syndrome

Many English Bulldogs have breathing issues.  You cannot breed a male or female with existing or surgically repaired breathing issues.  The genetic makeup of many bulldogs includes physical crowding in the back of the throat that make it difficult to breath.  This is known as Brachycephalic syndrome Many will wheeze or snort especially in the warmer months or when exerting themselves, as it is very difficult for the air to pass through the nose and throat.  This will not only be a condition that will be passed onto her pups, but it will make the strain of the pregnancy difficult for the mom in the later stages.

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Physical Issues Obstruct the Mating Process

Tan and white English Bulldog standing in a field.
The English Bulldog’s round bodies and short legs can make it difficult for them to mate.

Another potential problem with breeding English Bulldogs is that they can’t always mate naturally.  Their round bodies and short legs can make it difficult for the male to mount the female. In this case, artificial insemination may be necessary.  This makes the process difficult and costly for the breeder.

Difficulties with the Birth of the Puppies

The final obstacle when breeding English Bulldogs, is when the mother goes into labor. Once again, the physical shape of the pups can cause issues. The size of the puppy’s head may be difficult to push through the birth canal.  An emergency Cesarean Section is often required. The danger involved with natural delivery makes it necessary for the mom to be monitored regularly by a vet or a dog chiropractor. Many breeders and veterinarians plan a C-section ahead of the expected birth date to avoid the trauma of natural birth becoming a C-section mid-delivery.  This reduces the risk for the mother and her puppies.

Consider the Financial Side of Breeding English Bulldogs

The average litter size for an English bulldog is 3 to 4 puppies.  This means that after all of the expenses of preparation, monitoring and delivery, the breeder only has 4 pups to sell.  High demand for these little ones makes the price per pup very expensive. Many other breeds will produce 8 – 10 pups with significantly fewer expenses during the pregnancy and early weeks of the pups’ lives.

An English bulldog can only be bred 3 times in its lifetime. This means that a breeder will generally have 12-16 dogs available to sell for each set of Bulldog parents that are qualified for breeding.

Being the nature of the breed, some pups may have breathing issues regardless of the health of the parents. Because of the awkward nature of the English Bulldog, there are situations where the pups are accidentally injured by the mother when she is nursing or sleeping with them.  This will make the pups less desirable to potential adopters and the selling price will have to be reduced.

The bottom line is that the revenue from breeding English Bulldogs can be very low.  There is a lot of work and money put into the entire process for little outcome. This makes breeding English Bulldogs as a profession less appealing, therefor there are fewer pups available for sale.

What to Remember when Looking for An English Bulldog Breeder

If you are searching for a English Bulldog pup, be sure to do your homework.  Ask for the DNA test results for both parents.  When working with any breeder, be sure that you can meet both parents and the pups together.  If possible, talk to the vet who is responsible for the care of the mother and babies throughout the process of the breeding.  This will help to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate and responsible breeder. It will rule out the possibility of a puppy mill and ultimately, protect the health and well-being of many dogs.

Are English Bulldogs Good Pets?

English Bulldog are wonderful family pets and are relatively low maintenance.  They are not very active, so they are perfect for dwellings without a yard.  Short walks and lots of love are what they need the most. They tend to have difficultly breathing when hot. In warmer seasons, it may be best to limit their outdoor activities.

They are very loyal and love spending time with their people.  Having said that, they are also great protectors.  If they detect a stranger, they will warn you. If they sense danger they will immediately switch into protect mode. As with any dog, proper socialization and training are an important aspect to help your dog to understand the world around them.


Although breeding English Bulldogs can be limiting and costly, there are many dedicated, qualified breeders who take the responsibility of safely carrying on the breed very seriously.  If you would like to find a good breeder, be sure to do your homework to ensure the heath and safety of all females and their puppies.

For a guideline of questions that you should ask a breeder, you can refer to this document:


Do you have any first-hand information regarding why it’s difficult to breed or English Bulldogs? Have you ever found it difficult to find a breeder? Please drop a comment in the section below.  I am always happy to learn more!

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