About the Doggo Files

Pets can cause us to feel happiness, joy and unconditional love. There are also times when we feel lost, confused and overwhelming fear. The articles and stories in this blog are meant to help us to support one another through the sharing of experiences and ideas that will help in those times of confusion and concern. This information is not provided by a vet or trained animal professional.  I am just a pet parent like you. Together we can be the village that it takes to care for our furry family members.

About the Blogger

My name is Mary Ann and I am an animal lover. Although I have had many pets in my life, and there have always been dogs in my family, I only became a dog mom in 2010.  The experience had a rather strong effect on me, so much so that last year I decided to leave my job to open a dog walking/pet care company. As a pet parent, I have experienced many situations that have required me to research the best care options for my furry family members.  Since I began working with other people‚Äôs pets, I am hearing many questions and concerns that they have about their pets as well. I started this blog as a way of sharing information and experiences that I have had, as well as my friends, my family and my clients. Hopefully, the articles, links and comments in these posts will help us to support each other with the goal of providing our pets with the best care possible.